About Us


We’re Sai Reniit And we belief in the spirit of serving you with a lifestyle that is on par with the best in the industry. One that involves clarity in relationship, quality in product and expert guidance as and when you need it. Our journey began in 1986 at a time when India saw its biggest growth spurt in terms of realty. Since then, we have kept our pace consistent and in line with the changes India saw. Today, we aim at building vibrant apartments, sprawling villas, contemporary row houses, commercial complexes and above all, content communities.


"To reach the pioneer in providing real estate needs , reliable and quality services to all sections of the society, concentrating our sustained growth and by providing State-of-art amenities. Ample opportunities in this sector".


"QUALITY IS OUR MOTTO " Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring and declares our purpose as a company and also serve as a top standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions to reach our destination hassle free."

MD's Desk


Starting in early 1980s, K. MUNIKRISHNAPPA began his career in real estate and set up new benchmarks for everyone to follow by finish over six projects that spanned more than 250 acres. He has shown his proficiency in managing teams comprising of landscapers, architects, and civil engineers.

His sole dynamism and vision led to the success of mega project called Metro City that spans an area of more than 100 acres. Metro City township comprises of luxurious villas, lavish apartments, international theme parks, five-star clubhouse, villa plots, beautiful lake right within the campus, and a temple.

Mr. Munikrishnappa plans to carve out a niche for the company by developing villas of international standard, a 100 acre golf course, commercial complexes that spread out across all of south India and help Sai Reniit cross the turnover mark of 1000 crore by end of 2019.

Mr. Munikrishnappa’s vision is to turnaround real estate industry through use of latest technology so that Sai Reniit can leverage operational efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to achieve company’s mission, which stands as a true testimony of our efforts and defines our purpose.